Faucets & Valves

Repairing a well-made and functional faucet or valve is the best choice whenever possible. There are times, however, when it is best to select something new and have it installed.

Faucets have changed significantly in the last 30 years. While new non-washer and ceramic disk stems and cartridges allow faucets to go much longer without repair, avoiding repair or replacement is often impossible.

Many faucets and valves have no identifying markings, and when they are  finally identified, may require internal parts which are no longer available.

If you need a new faucet, there are many excellent brands and models available to choose from. Call Daystar Plumbing today so we can speak about your particular needs, and how they can best be met.

Whether you need help with a repair or tune-up, or it is time to find something new, a call to Daystar Plumbing will help you find the solution you need. 

Tips for Faucets & Valves:

  • Select a high quality, well designed faucet with a long-lasting finish.
  • If possible get a product with a lifetime warranty.
  • Have your faucet installed by a licensed plumber who is familiar with the brand you select.
  • Spending money on quality now, will save you time, money and inconvenience later.