Daystar Plumbing sells, installs, and repairs toilets. Whether it is helping you find the best brand and model in your selection of a new high-performance toilet, or searching for the parts needed to fix your existing toilet, Daystar Plumbing can help.

These days, water conservation is an important part of our lives. Your choice of installing a new High Efficiency Toilet(HET) may make you eligible for significant rebates from your water department.

Tips For Toilets

  • Do not rely on the “permission of manufacturers to put their products down your toilet. Only toilet paper and human-generated waste should pass through the bowl.
  • Do not use toilet bowl sanitizers containing chlorine. They can cause the rubber parts to warp and break down sooner, resulting in wasting water and water leaking onto the floor.
  • If you hear the tank making noise between flushes, water is leaving the tank and you may be wasting hundreds or more gallons each month.