Water Filters

The water coming into our homes and offices is not what it used to be!  The quality of the water we drink, use for cooking, use for washing and for bathing is an increasing problem in our community. Dangerous lead solder still exists in the joints of many copper pipes, while the chemical treatment from our city water systems, may be toxic and affect our health.

Our concern is evidenced by the billion dollar bottled water industry. But bottled water does not protect us in the same way a good quality water filter will.

After years of experimenting with various filter systems on the market, my top recommendation is Multi-Pure. However, there are several good brands out there, and I am happy to install the filter of your choice.

Tips on Selecting Water Filters

  • Filter should have a high ranking by National Sanitation Foundation
  • Remove critical contaminants from your water
  • Solid block of activated charcoal
  • Easy to replace cartridges
  • Cost pennies on the dollar