Water Heaters

Having hot water whenever we need it is something we all take for granted and rarely think about until it is not “there”. Then it has our full attention!

Specializing in sales, installation and repair of both tank type and tankless water heaters, Daystar Plumbing can help you make the decision between repair or new installation, and the quality and design of the water heater best suited to your needs.

We often find the water heater’s problem is a poor initial installation. A bad flue vent can kill a water heater prematurely.

We live in earthquake country, yet 90% of water heaters I see are not sufficiently seismically braced. Failure to install a water heater properly, can have serious health and safety consequences.

Water heater installation requires knowledge of the plumbing code, and years of training and experience. Don’t take chances, call Daystar Plumbing and let us do the work right.